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Website Design

SupportMyTech will provide you with the necessary support to ensure your website creates the maximum visibility

Whether you have an existing website which is not achieving the desired result or you are looking at a new website design for your business, SupportMyTech would welcome the opportunity in assisting you to achieve your web based goals. As a standard feature of our service, SupportMyTech will give you a free assessment of your existing website and highlight any problems or deficiencies that need to be addressed.

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The Website Design Process

  • Learn
  • Every business is different and we recognise this. Understanding your brand look and market is key to a great, attention grabbing website. For this reason, we spend the time to get to know you and your requirements.

  • Design
  • Now we have a scope of your needs we use this information to design a website that not only looks fantastic, but fits your customers’ needs to ensure they are engaged in your website leading to more potential clients getting in touch with you. We will take you through each step of our design process to make sure you are more than happy with the end result.

  • Develop
  • After the web design process is complete we look to enhance the website to make sure it is functional on all platforms. This includes making sure your website displays correctly on smaller screens like phones and tablets and is easy to use (e.g. no fiddly small buttons or hard to read text). This stage is also where we will test and tweak the navigation of your website to make sure your customers can get to the information they need with ease.

  • Launch
  • This is an important day for your new website design and we know this. Before we ‘hit the button’ we rigorously check every link, image and use fantastic proof readers to make sure your website reads correctly and is grammatically perfect. It is these high standards which allow us to make the transition from your old website, or launch of your new website, as smooth as possible.

  • Don't stop there...
  • For your new website to reach its highest potential, it needs to grow, evolve and be active. We can help you going forward with your online strategy with either ad-hoc support or by utilising one of our fantastic maintenance contracts which you can read about here.

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